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We are a community of divers that believe the ocean is big enough for everyone…not just runway models!

 Have you felt the blush-inducing anxiety when it comes time to get your rental gear or buy some? 

Have you been the “other” one on the boat?

And have you had enough of it?

We are combating stereotypes and educating the dive community and industry.

We’re here. We’re an asset. We buy.

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The question is – why would someone go out of their way to try and ruin your diving trip?

The answer is simple, but there are two:
First is they don’t know they’re even doing it. This applies to those well-meaning folks who offer that close-mouthed smile. You know the one – half smile, half sympathy.
It is a way to feel good about themselves by “generously” sparing a moment for the different.  It is a method of patting themselves on the back so they can feel some pride in doing “the right thing” – that thing is judging you. Gracing you with charity.
Sympathy and charity – good traits when aimed in the right direction – but not at us, who have no need of either.

The second is the uglier sort. Those who knowingly seek to put others down, so they may stand taller. Often, they see diving as the exclusive recreation of the svelt, the entitled, the wealthy. They don’t think we belong.

This behavior says much more about them than it does you!

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We aren’t against anyone! Plus-size = no negativity.

This needs to be clear – we won’t tolerate the criticizing of thin people, or any people, in our group.
We lead by example, by being genuine and kind.
Not by exhibiting the same exclusionary behavior we’re subjected to.

We Dive TooWe really do mean that the ocean is big enough for everyone, and nobody should be made to feel bad on their diving trip. So if you want to attack others then we aren’t the right choice for you.

If you want to help change the way the diving community regards those that don’t fit their ideal image, and think you may enjoy being part of a community of like-minded people, we’d really love for you to join us.

So join the community and forum by filling in the application below and we will send you an invite. Our members are meeting up for dives and forming friendships.

(It’s free – we really do want you, not your money.)