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For divers of all shapes and sizes...

About us

LauraThe ‘We Dive Too‘ website and community was founded by Laura, in 2016, due to a desperate need that she saw within the diving community.  Being a diver she experienced first-hand the intolerance that was displayed towards plus size divers, not only in deliberate ways but also through neglecting their needs within the community.

Things as simple as finding a plus size diving suit for a woman were harder than they should be, and the expectation of manufacturers was that you needed to be extremely tall unless you were thin.

She saw plus size divers discouraged from going diving as they knew they couldn’t get a diving suit that would look acceptable, and would be given looks and receive comments from other divers.

She saw every group having advocates but her own.

Finding this behavior unacceptable she decided to push back; to create a safe place where plus size divers could support each other, arrange dives together, and work together to improve their diving experience as a whole.

To give a voice to the disenfranchised diver.

We’re here. We dive, too.

The community is for people that have had enough of judged for their:

  • Weight, Gender, Height, Race, Disability, Other…

While the ‘We Dive Too’ was established for divers that have faced the above issues, we are also open to those that would like to support us in our efforts.

We also share dive photos and have a lot of fun!

‘We Dive Too’ also manages a newsletter that is intended to help our members, bring them together, and to share our core message that the ocean is big enough for everyone.  That nobody should be made to feel bad while diving because of their weight, disability, race, gender, or for any physical attribute they may have.

The ocean is big enough for everyone, and we dive too!