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Straight from the heart…

A break from our usual funny and informative posts, for one that comes straight from my heart … and is scary to publish. There’s an ugly pervasive issue in our culture, and the dive community

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Stop! If you love sharks, stop insisting they’re harmless.

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat … ” for your ego. Like any activity people are passionate about, the dive community has its own culture. Part of that culture includes any¬†fear

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how to find the right dive shop

How to spot the dive shop that’s best for you – and why general recommendations shouldn’t be trusted

Not all dive shops are created equal. But, hey, not all divers are either. We have different expectations, needs, and preferences. Here are some tips on effectively narrowing your search and selecting

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The Right to Be

Hi, you. Yes, YOU, who doesn’t fit the Barbie mold nor her wetsuit. You’re not alone. I’m not averting my eyes pretending not to see you. I’m not gracing you with a sympathetic

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Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor - or diver.

Bad scenes can make good divers

What real life experience have you had that’s made you a more skilled diver? “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” said FDR. I contend it doesn’t make a skilled diver either.

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The BARE Truth about those cute wetsuits.

Had an interesting exchange on Twitter with Bare. They’ve got some really cute wetsuits (which I complimented) and asked to make them in our sizes. They’re response was that they had adjusted

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plus size diver on boat

The BIG Debate

The common argument heard from those unhappy about the overweight or obese scuba diver is this: fitness. That’s stupid, and we’ll talk about why, but first let’s see how the argument

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