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The SeaSeeker: Using Snapchat while scuba diving?

The Original Idea You may have seen Snapchat spectacles already, as they went on sale last year. They look like sunglasses with a little camera on one side. They work by recording a 10 second video segment

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Humpback whales defending seals and grey whales?

Humpback whales have recently hit the news due to a video showing their intriguing and repeated protection of other species. (We have videos below demonstrating this behavior.) When most animals see the

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25 Year Friendship Between Diver & Yoriko the Wonder Fish!

Scuba diver Arakawa runs a dive shop in Japan, and has developed a bond over 25 years of diving with his friend Yoriko. Yoriko just happens to be an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse. People often use fish as an

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Coral Polyps Hugging it Out?

Today you get to meet some of nature’s greatest unsung heroes, the tiny builders, in their natural habitat.  This is thanks to a revolutionary new camera system developed by Scripps Institution of

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The Open-Minded Octographer

This octopus isn’t judging anyone’s appearance. He just wants to take your photograph. He’s an open-minded octographer (Octopus photographer) with a skill-set and attitude that is adorable. We

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