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plus size divers the hidden impact

Plus Size Divers – The Hidden Impact

Plus size divers are a group among the SCUBA community that elicit the greatest number of ‘looks’ and unspoken criticism. Well, normally unspoken.  To clarify, a plus size diver, is a diver, that

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Captive Beluga Whale Demonstrates Extraordinary Intelligence

SCUBA divers spend a lot of time admiring the marine life they meet, so understandably we often anthropomorphize what we see. While this is usually a failing, when we look at marine life, in particular

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The Last Great Wilderness – Scuba Diving

So why do people dive? Aside from being weightless and feeling like you can fly, which is awesome, it’s the last great wilderness. It used to be the case that you could head out into territories nobody

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In Defense of Jellyfish

  Welcome to my defense of jellyfish, which I feel is needed because so many people view them as ‘bad’. This article was largely prompted by reading how someone hated jellyfish “because they

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Dangerous Scuba Product Creator Responds!

After giving our impressions of the Scorkl, which was to avoid it, the Scorkl team contacted us. Did you guess they were sending love? If you did, you were wrong. They have attempted to tell us what we

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New Diving Offer a Deathtrap in the Making!

A new way for potential divers to die horribly is selling fast on Kickstarter! Earlier today I saw the offer for Scorkl. If you’ve ever seen ‘Spare Air’s’ patented product then you know what it

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Reef Diving v Wreck Diving – Which is Best?

Let’s start off by saying that this article is about which type of dive location is best for you, personally. We don’t believe in absolutes in regard to a personal opinion. That would be falling into

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Cold Water Diving – is it worth it?

A lot of divers have an instant reaction to cold water diving, and one that is very understandably negative. Depending on where you live in the world, your concept of hot and cold water will vary considerably. For

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Haters & Diving for Weight Loss!

If you’ve followed the site/page for any length of time you’ll be aware that WeDiveToo has its haters. People that really dislike the idea of plus size divers…existing! There aren’t many but they

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