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The Looming Extinction of Sharks

Instantly judged by their appearance, not because of scientific data but because of preconceived ideas. No…not plus size divers this time! Today we are looking at sharks, the mistaken ideas many people

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Lionfish – A Balanced Look

A lot of articles on this issue are either, “KILL EM ALL!” or “Never hurt anything, even Ebola is sacred!” So I thought a more balanced approach was needed when looking at the Lionfish issue. Lionfish

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Scuba Divers Holding Back the Tide

If you have eyes and/or ears you (as a scuba diver) should be fairly familiar with the problems concerning the world’s oceans. What you may not know is that scuba divers like yourself are already working

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plus size divers

Plus Sized Divers v The Haters

On one of our recent posts we were reminded why we started WeDiveToo. This was thanks to comments by someone we shall refer to as Cathal the Can’t. The post in question mentioned that you shouldn’t

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Could you be a Scuba Diner?

A Belgian entrepreneur has created a new dive attraction in Brussels, one specifically designed to appeal to scuba divers. On the surface, pun intended, this is a very strange concept. You go to the NEMO33

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The Sarcastic Diver Strikes Again!

If you dive regularly then you probably know at least one scuba diver with a ‘salty’ sense of humor. This story is about a scuba instructor Putu Sudarimbawa, and his hilarious quest to protest local

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underwater sculptures

Underwater Sculptures From Around the World!

People do a lot of crazy and impressive things.  That is one of the things that makes the world as interesting as it is. The sheer diversity of mad ideas people have had, that mature into beauty and joy

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plus sized divers

Plus Sized Divers, Humor and Irritation

So I think it’s important to address an issue that may have confused some readers of the ‘WeDiveToo’ page. Recently we got a message saying a diver liked our content but unfortunately the page was

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Tide Turns For Plus Size Divers?

Since we started WeDiveToo, we have been pushing the issue of plus size divers, and I’m glad to say we are starting to see definite evidence of change. The Issue The short version: The diving community

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Deep Sea Life Hums at Dinner Time…But Don’t we all?

If you dive deep enough you just may hear the sound of happy fish humming. At least…if it’s feeding time. Deep-sea life is known to ascend and descend in time with the sun. As it gets darker they

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