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Saving Ocean Life One Innovation at a Time

It is very rare that we see a truly brilliant innovation, especially when it comes to improving the world we live in. However, this is definitely one of them. As you may know, we dump 14 billion pounds

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The Quest For The Dolphin Rosetta Stone!

For the first time ever, dolphins have been recorded having an actual conversation. The structure of their ‘conversation’ has been the subject of much debate, as it seems they not only form sentences

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Reasons Why You Should Dive – More!

Scuba diving is not only a great lifestyle but also one that is healthy for you. This is worth remembering should any relatives or friends offer criticism, as you can point out just how mistaken they are. First

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Larger Than the Great Barrier Reef & Just Discovered!

As divers we feel an especially deep need to protect the ocean. Partly because we’ve seen up close just how incredible it is, and partly because we’ve also seen the damage our species has done. It

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Straight from the heart…

A break from our usual funny and informative posts, for one that comes straight from my heart … and is scary to publish. There’s an ugly pervasive issue in our culture, and the dive community

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Breaking Down Barriers to Scuba Diving

For many people there are extra barriers on their journey to becoming a diver. There is a perception of what a scuba diver looks like, and while it isn’t accurate, it persists. It is responsible for

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Humpback whales defending seals and grey whales?

Humpback whales have recently hit the news due to a video showing their intriguing and repeated protection of other species. (We have videos below demonstrating this behavior.) When most animals see the

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Real Scuba Stories – Change, Love, Growth & Healing

We all love diving and if you are reading this story then it goes without saying you probably feel the same. However, it’s important to realize how much more than a fun activity scuba diving can be. For

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25 Year Friendship Between Diver & Yoriko the Wonder Fish!

Scuba diver Arakawa runs a dive shop in Japan, and has developed a bond over 25 years of diving with his friend Yoriko. Yoriko just happens to be an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse. People often use fish as an

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