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The Return of Jamison to Cape Cod

One year ago (July 13, 2015) we saw the heartbreaking photos of Jamison, a juvenile Great White shark, beached in Chatham, MA. The rescue effort involved Dr. Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Division of

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The Evolving Diver

We all start off with the same goals, find a big ‘shock-value’¬†creature and marvel at it. There is certainly something incredibly appealing about a whale shark or a manta ray. The sheer size

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Tire mountains, hiccups, and the value of experimentation

In the 1980s, the French had an EXCELLENT idea to create artificial reefs off the southern coast of France. The idea was simple: reefs form on rough and uneven surfaces, so if we get a bunch of tires

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Something good is stirring in the deep!

Something good is stirring in the deep! All too often we hear how we are destroying the planet, everything is getting worse, we are doomed! This used to be the claim of crazy eyed people on street corners,

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As a diver you can personally help save the world

As you probably know our coral reefs are not only incredibly fragile, they are also vital to the survival of life in the ocean, and to an extent, the world. Why the coral reefs are important Coral polyps

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Will diving help with weight loss?

Here’s my roundup of just some of the advantages of diving, instead of going to a gym. Agree or disagree, we would love to hear your opinion! Will Power A lot of people don’t like exercising,

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Diving - taking back your power

Taking back your power

While our main goal is to spread an awareness that diving is for everyone, not just Barbie dolls, you can make your life a lot better with some simple mental exercises. The next time someone gives you

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Robotic divers – The future is adorable!

Sci-fi has promised much, from hoverboards to teleportation, interstellar flight and the ability to have our fast food delivered by drone. Frankly, the 21st century has not delivered on our expectations. However,

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Little known ways to make each dive more fun!

While diving is already a lot of fun there are many ways you can make your diving experience more personal, and entertaining. Personalize it My first tip is all about standing out! You don’t need

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