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The Looming Extinction of Sharks

Instantly judged by their appearance, not because of scientific data but because of preconceived ideas. No…not plus size divers this time! Today we are looking at sharks, the mistaken ideas many people

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Deep Sea Life Hums at Dinner Time…But Don’t we all?

If you dive deep enough you just may hear the sound of happy fish humming. At least…if it’s feeding time. Deep-sea life is known to ascend and descend in time with the sun. As it gets darker they

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Larger Than the Great Barrier Reef & Just Discovered!

As divers we feel an especially deep need to protect the ocean. Partly because we’ve seen up close just how incredible it is, and partly because we’ve also seen the damage our species has done. It

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Coral Polyps Hugging it Out?

Today you get to meet some of nature’s greatest unsung heroes, the tiny builders, in their natural habitat.  This is thanks to a revolutionary new camera system developed by Scripps Institution of

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Tire mountains, hiccups, and the value of experimentation

In the 1980s, the French had an EXCELLENT idea to create artificial reefs off the southern coast of France. The idea was simple: reefs form on rough and uneven surfaces, so if we get a bunch of tires

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Robotic divers – The future is adorable!

Sci-fi has promised much, from hoverboards to teleportation, interstellar flight and the ability to have our fast food delivered by drone. Frankly, the 21st century has not delivered on our expectations. However,

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Artificial gills – Real or Fake?

I’m going to start out by saying this is just my personal opinion. It’s an opinion based on the laws of conservation of energy and the amount of oxygen contained in water, but hey, it’s

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