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Diver Hate, Sarcasm and Canoe Paddling

Divers are a really diverse group, and that is something that is often overlooked. People gravitate towards diving for different reasons, and understanding those that are diving with you, and what drew

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The Evolving Diver

We all start off with the same goals, find a big ‘shock-value’ creature and marvel at it. There is certainly something incredibly appealing about a whale shark or a manta ray. The sheer size

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Something good is stirring in the deep!

Something good is stirring in the deep! All too often we hear how we are destroying the planet, everything is getting worse, we are doomed! This used to be the claim of crazy eyed people on street corners,

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Will diving help with weight loss?

Here’s my roundup of just some of the advantages of diving, instead of going to a gym. Agree or disagree, we would love to hear your opinion! Will Power A lot of people don’t like exercising,

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Stop! If you love sharks, stop insisting they’re harmless.

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat … ” for your ego. Like any activity people are passionate about, the dive community has its own culture. Part of that culture includes any fear

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Little known ways to make each dive more fun!

While diving is already a lot of fun there are many ways you can make your diving experience more personal, and entertaining. Personalize it My first tip is all about standing out! You don’t need

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how to find the right dive shop

How to spot the dive shop that’s best for you – and why general recommendations shouldn’t be trusted

Not all dive shops are created equal. But, hey, not all divers are either. We have different expectations, needs, and preferences. Here are some tips on effectively narrowing your search and selecting

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The Right to Be

Hi, you. Yes, YOU, who doesn’t fit the Barbie mold nor her wetsuit. You’re not alone. I’m not averting my eyes pretending not to see you. I’m not gracing you with a sympathetic

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Scuba Diving in Cozumel

Beginner’s scuba excursion in Cozumel, Mex. Only our second trip. Caught the bug and we want to get certified for next time. Filmed with GoPro Hero2 with dive housing.

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The Woman Who Dives The Deepest – My Shocking Story

Most people can hold their breath for forty seconds, Tanya Streeter can hold her breath for over six minutes. Diving to the ocean floor on a single breath is an ancient skill among pearl and sponge fishermen,

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