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Could you be a Scuba Diner?

A Belgian entrepreneur has created a new dive attraction in Brussels, one specifically designed to appeal to scuba divers.

On the surface, pun intended, this is a very strange concept. You go to the NEMO33 dive center, dive 16 feet down into their deep-water pool, and enter the restaurant.

The restaurant in this case is a spherical bubble, anchored to the floor of the pool. It has an access hole underneath that allows entry. That’s how you get in, and how your scuba-waiter brings you your food. Sadly he won’t be dressed as SpongeBob or Patrick, but hopefully that will become an option in the future.

This raises some questions. The first question is, of course, why?
“We are launching a new era of restaurants,” said John Beernaerts.

The main draw for NEMO33 is scuba diving couples, as it offers a dining experience you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Date night just opened up a whole new avenue, as you can now incorporate your dining and diving experiences. Also it looks fun.

If you are worried by ocean temperatures in Europe, as I know some are, the pool is heated to 91 degreed Fahrenheit. So you don’t need to worry about cold toes.

The prices are reasonable considering how unique the experience would be, at just $106 per person. This is cheap when you consider the hassle involved in bringing you your food in watertight containers.

What we’d like to see…an ocean version! I can only imagine how great one of these pods would be, having your food brought down amidst a school of fish. That probably wouldn’t be very practical but still, make it so.

Let us know whether the idea of the NEMO33 restaurant appeals to you, on Facebook.

About the Author ColinP

Colin is an inventor, author, guitar player, amateur scientist and steampunk enthusiast. During his years as a ships navigator his luck was so consistently bad that he was briefly known as 'Jonah', presumed cursed, and subsequently barred from setting foot on any boat docked in Ireland. Due to his misadventures he spent more time underwater than most divers will achieve in a lifetime. Not deliberately, but he was still down there!

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